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Running your HRV,Smartvent,DVS, Moisture master or Sayr system without an effective filter won't do a thing.

Without one, your home ventilation system can't remove allergens, pollen and dust from the air in your home.

But with some home ventilation systems requiring a lot of filters, getting them changed can be pretty pricey!

Fortunately, the fine folks at Filter Specialists have come to the rescue with our great prices.

You can do it yourself and save up to a hundred and fifty dollars with a genuine Filter Specialists home ventilation filter.

Or if you prefer, contact our installer and still save money. If you're replacing a filter yourself, you'll find a Filter Specialists filter much easier to install than alternatives.


We supply replacement filters for HRV,DVS, Smartvent, Moisture Master & Sayr systems


Don't pay up to three hundred dollars for someone else to change the air filter?

You can do it yourself with our easy DIY instructions


These ventilation filters offer high level filtration.Replacing your Smartvent,DVS, Moisture master,Sayr or HRV filter will help reduce the amount of toxins, allergens, pollen and dust in your home and help your system run more efficiently.      


If it's time to retire your DVS,Smartvent,moisture master,sayr or HRV filter, click on one of the options on the side or click on our shop to order.






hrv filters

 If you would like filter installation in auckland call   Heat pump cleaning specialists.

 They can also fix a few faults on HRV or Smartvent   systems.                                            

 call 0800 225 327


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