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Frequently Asked  Questions

My old filter is f7 or f6 does your filters fit?

Yes the F8 and H10 is just the quality of the media used inside the filter. F8 and H10 are better quiality than F6 or F7

What filter do i choose for my HRV?

Choose the first filter on the shop page that says F8 suitable for HRV this fits all HRV systems or if get smell in your house get the odour removing hrv filter. If like another upgrade try the H10 Hepa filter which is good if you get allergies.

My old filter says EN779 part no FC060HRV3 does your filter fit?

Yes the F8 or h10 hepa HRV filters will fit your system the EN779 is the standard of the filter and our F8 and h10 hepa HRV filters are made to that standard.

How long do the filters last?

The F8/H10 HRV and Sayr filter will last 24 months. The F8 Smart Vent filter should be changed every 12 months. The DVS G4 sock filter/moisture master should be changed every 12 months

Can i purchase from your shop?

Yes the shop is in milldale auckland. Very close to the motorway just need to email or text to make sure i am there to pick up. Or can order online click pick up and if give me a few hours notice i can usually leave in storage box outside.

How much do you charge for shipping?

If you click through on your order and put details in it will come up with price before you have to pay.

Are the Smart Vent filters all the same size?

Yes all the Smart Vent box filters are the same size. Some older systems use the sock filter

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