The F7 sock filter DIY installation pack is for inlets up to 230mm. The pack includes the Filter Specialists replacement filter, ties for securing the new filter. This filter is made from internationally rated F7 filter material. With the upgraded filtration a much larger surface area is required in order to let the air pass through the filter, it uses a cylindrical design to maximise surface area. A smaller surface area will reduce airflow and increase fan noise, this will then cause a reduction in the life of your fan motor.The filter should be replaced every 12 months


  • Read and follow the maintenance instructions in the Operating Guidelines of your unit.

    Step 1: Ensure fan is switched off

    Step 2: Remove cable ties from inlet

    Step 3: Remove frame from old filter

    Step 4: Insert frame into new filter

    Step 5: Join cable ties provided, end on end, to secure new filter to inlet.

    Replace filter every twelve months.