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The G4 odour removing sock filter DIY installation pack for inlets up to 250mm. The pack includes the Filter Specialists replacement filter, ties for securing the new filter and easy to follow DIY instructions.

This filter is made from internationally rated G4 odour removing material to prevent odours being introduced to your home from the roof space or outside.

The life of the filter depends on how bad the smell is and how much air passes through your system.

This can also fit onto your Smart Vent Systems.


  • Read and follow the maintenance instructions in the Operating Guidelines of your unit.

    Step 1: Ensure fan is switched off

    Step 2: Remove cable ties from inlet

    Step 3: Remove frame from old filter

    Step 4: Insert frame into new filter

    Step 5: Join cable ties provided, end on end, to secure new filter to inlet.

    Replace filter every six to twelve months.

  • If for any reason the item is does not fit,is damaged or we have supplied an incorrect item we will offer a replacement at no extra charge or full refund including the shipping costs, at our discretion.We may ask that the filter be returned to us for examination or resale but will pay the return shipping costs.If a customer has ordered an incorrect item or reconsidered their purchase we will refund the cost of the filter less any shipping cost upon the receipt of the item in a saleable condition

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