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This SAYR compatible ventilation filter offers H10 level filtration with HEPA efficiency. This filter captures pollens, dust and allergens from the air. The HEPA filter is made from fibreglass or filter paper and form mini folds to increase the filter surface. HEPA filters prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses through the air and, therefore, are very important to prevent infection. HEPA filtration systems for medical purposes usually incorporate high-energy ultraviolet light to eliminate any live bacteria and viruses trapped by the physical filter. Some of the best rated HEPA units have an efficiency of 99.995% which ensures a high level of protection against diseases that are transmitted through the air.


For added convenience, aluminum foil tape or cloth tape can be purchased from the bottom of the product page.


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  • Read and follow the maintenance instructions in the Operating Guidelines of your unit.

    Step 1: Ensure fan is switched off

    Step 2: Remove duct tape and remove the ducting section from the fan unit

    Step 3: Remove old box filter

    Step 4: Insert new filter, the arrow on the side follows the airflow

    Step 5: Tape the lip of the filter to the ducting section to prevent air bypass

    Step 6: Re-tape ducting section onto fan unit

    Replace filter every 24 months.

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