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The Odour Removing Carbon F8 HRV Compatiable Filter is a must-have for anyone looking to improve the air quality of their home or workplace. This high-quality filter is designed to remove unpleasant odours and harmful particles from the air, ensuring that you and your loved ones stay healthy and comfortable. With a recommended lifespan of 24 months, this filter is both long-lasting and reliable.

For added convenience, aluminum foil tape or cloth tape can be purchased from the bottom of the product page.

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Use our promo code "3 filters" to get 5% off when you purchase three or more filters, or "6 filters" for 10% off when you buy six or more filters.



  • Read and follow the maintenance instructions in the Operating Guidelines of your unit.

    Step 1: Ensure fan is switched off

    Step 2: Remove duct tape and remove the ducting section from the fan unit

    Step 3: Remove old box filter

    Step 4: Insert new filter, the arrow on the side follows the airflow

    Step 5: Tape the lip of the filter to the ducting section to prevent air bypass

    Step 6: Re-tape ducting section onto fan unit

    Replace filter every 24 months.


    Filter replacements suitable for all HRV systems including Janus, Arizona, Phoenix, Rango and Next Generation HRV systems.

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