These ventilation filters offer high level filtration and are suitable for use in all Smart vent systems.These filters are F8 media-the most efficient product on the market for cleaner air. We recommend that your Smart vent filters are changed every 12 to 24 months depending on the atmosphere. The smartvent system will tell you when they are ready for a replacement filter. Replacing your Smart vent filter will help reduce the amount of toxins, allergens, pollen and dust in your home and help your system run more efficiently.

Size is 288x288x150mm 

5% OFF WHEN YOU BUY 3 OR MORE FILTERS USE 3 smartvent filters

10% OFF WHEN YOU BUY 6 OR MORE FILTERS USE 6 smartvent filters


  • Read and follow the maintenance instructions in the Operating Guidelines of your unit.

    Step 1: Ensure fan is switched off 

    Step 2: Remove retaining springs and the ducting sections from the existing filter

    Step 3: Insert the new filter, the arrow on the side follows the airflow

    Step 4: Secure the ducting sections using the retaining springs

    Note: If the seals are worn, duct tape the ducting section to the filter to prevent unfiltered air entering the system

    Replace filter every twelve months.